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Here's how I started earning a passive income from my therapy business that took me from 'surviving' to THRIVING!
Juice Plus classified as AAA Opportunity by Business for Home
In their words: "There is high certainty that the net benefit is substantial for a (new) representative."

Hi, I'm Simone, 

I hope you were able to see the video showing

  • Why I no longer worry about money if clients cancel at the last minute
  • How I  earn the same money (and more) working fewer hours in clinic
  • How I have increased my income from my existing customer base
  • How I have taken my therapy business online so I now have international customers, not just those who can get to. my clinic in person.
  • Why I am no longer tied to a time-for-money business model and my income is no longer limited by the number of people I can see in a day.
  • How I am able to build an income to provide me with a pension and a legacy business that can be passed on to my children. 

and most importantly HOW YOU CAN DO THE SAME!

Procrastination is the enemy of success 


Do you want a passive income and stable business foundation just 3 months from now?

Do you want the freedom and total flexibility to work hours that suit you?

Are you serious about becoming more wealthy

Do you want work that benefits your health as well as your clients'?  

Do you want no stress, no pressure, no boss?  We offer a friendly and totally supportive team who are committed to helping you achieve YOUR dreams and goals with free business mentoring whatever level you are at now.

This franchise genuinely offers equal opportunities for success, promotion and unlimited income, regardless of your age, previous experience, sex or physical ability, whatever your starting point.

What would all this be worth to you?  Your family? Your quality of life?

Renowned Harley Street Doctor explains how he helps his patients with Juice Plus
Nutritional Therapist explains how she introduced the Juice Plus into her existing clinic
Registered Osteopath explains how and why he introduced Juice Plus into his clinic
Take the leap from 'survive' to THRIVE

With a Juice Plus franchise, you are in business FOR yourself, but not BY yourself.  Your mentor Simone Davis is here to work with you 1:1 to shape the franchise in a way that fits your life, your business and your dreams.

You will receive:

Step-by-step instructions which, if you follow them closely, will lead you to a successful business foundation and passive income just 3 months from now.

Worksheets to take you through the planning from where you are now to where you want to be in 3, 6 and 12 months from now.  This will act as your 'roadmap to achievement' because a dream without a plan is just a wish and we entrepreneurs, not fairy godmothers!

Hours of video clips from healthcare professionals, financial guru's, scientists, Juice Plus customers, other franchisees and, of course, your personal mentor, Simone.

Business development calls with the team

Event invitations where you can meet up with the global team

Marketing material you can use in your own business

1:1 support from you business mentor to help you grow your business.

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